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Why We chose to become a Arduino Official Integrator

First, we love Arduinos. They are by far the fastest way to go from idea to working prototype. One of the biggest risks in hardware product development is actually getting good, trustworthy hardware to build against and this is something that Arduino provides in spades. They have boards to power almost any kind of smart product or automation task. Add in the huge ecosystem of Arduino compatible third party peripheral boards, the healthy community of developers, and a readable, extensible c++ based standard library and you get an industry leading combination for getting hardware ideas to market quickly and efficiently.

By partnering with Arduino, Spinnaker Design is able to offer even better time-to-market and value than our clients already enjoy. We are able to offer robust hardware solutions from a huge variety of problems. From small, single task boards like the Nicla and MKR series, through embedded containers on the edge in products like the Arduino Portenta X8. Arduino is even launching a new PLC line for robust automation tasks.

If you have any questions or have an automation or product design need that you think could, please reach out or schedule a consultation. We are always happy to discuss new product or automation ideas.

We look forward to building with you!

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