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The Throne is as smart, self-monitoring, semi-permanent bathroom that can be placed anywhere.  Each Throne is filled with a variety of smart technology which allows for access control, remote monitoring and remote management. 

Spinnaker Design has accompanied Throne Labs from the very beginning.  From ideation and early prototypes through multiple generations of production versions of their innovative new vision publicly usable bathrooms.

Spinnaker design provided embedded and cloud software development services as well as assistance in hardware selection and sourcing, product strategy, prototyping,  and manufacturing support.


The Mella is a smart wax and sugar melter, the first of its kind in the beauty industry. 

April, creator of The Mella, had worked with multiple service providers prior to working with Spinnaker. The project was incomplete and in limbo, with many missing features and functionalities and April was running out of options, nearing the end of her budget.

Spinnaker stepped in and was able to reengineer some key components of the firmware, cloud infrastructure, and iOS application to get the project back on track, all while avoiding an expensive rebuild of the system. They were also able to make the needed improvements to prepare the project for shipping and The Mella is now rapidly approaching general release, all while respecting April’s remaining budget.

The Mella

Instabeat is a sports wearable for swimmers which tracks key performance metrics, such as lap times, stroke types and heart rate. Spinnaker created the new version of their backend infrastructure and cloud functionality to support the updated version of the system, including data intake, processing pipeline, and API functionality to support the mobile app and future data integrations. Spinnaker leveraged both the existing V1 infrastructure where appropriate, as well as creating new assets, pipelines, and algorithms to support the V2 system.


The Halo SL is Illumagear’s latest Halo visibility and lighting system in their Halo line.

Spinnaker Design provided all the firmware development services and support for the Halo SL project while working closely with Mechanical and Electrical engineers to make the Halo SL a reality.


You can learn more about the Halo SL and Illumagear at and about us at

Illumagear Halo SL
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